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Omega orienteering
About us
  • What is orienteering
  • Who or what is Omega
Orienteering is...
  • ... an adventurous sport where the participants run along a course consisting of several control points which have been indicated on a map
  • ... for young and old
  • ... recreational or competitive
  • ... with respect for nature because ...
  • ... the majority of the activities take place in a park, a forest or a military domain.
Omega orienteering
Omega is a Flemish orienteering club which was founded in 1977, in the Flemish-Brabantine Diest.
Anno 2010 Omega is the largest orienteering association of the country with members coming from all over Flanders.
All those years, Omega has been very active concerning:
  • the production of IOF-maps (approximately 11,000 hectares have been mapped)
  • organisations (more than 130 competitions among which several Belgian and Flemish championships, 2 Three and 1 Five days of Belgium, several international competitions,…)
  • youth functioning (among other things awarded twice by Bloso as youth friendly sports club).
Concerning the sportive aspect, Omega has obtained very deserving results on both the individual and the collective domain: challenge-cups, team competitions, members who took part in international championships, …
Club activities
Omega organises each year approximately 15 competitions: championships, national races, regional races, sprints, night races, …
Each year we try to organise an alternative club championship "The Blissful Orienteer". This is a playful mixture of activities with a zest of absurdly orienteering.
Further we have an annual club party (in the spring), where for once, we do not find each other in sport attire. Beside nice food and drinks, this is a sociable meeting with games, celebrations and much more of this.
When the occasion occurs, we go with all interested clubmembers on a weekend trip to train in delicious orientation areas (e.g. Fontainebleau in France).
Our youth functioning has besides its current activities (youth accompaniment during competitions, a meeting evening, training sessions,…) each year a peak highlight during the holiday period. After the midweeks in Wirtzfeld, Hechtel and Eindhoven we went the past years a bit further with training weeks in Åmål (Sweden), Myssen (Norway), Novy Bor (Czech Republic) and Logatec (Slovenia).
On administrative aspect Omega is an association without profit eye mark (VZW), where the general meeting (in the middle of January) chooses a governing board that meets annually 11 times.
Join in procedure
To become a club member you must fix two administrative matters.
  1. You must fill in a VVO-licence (join in card) and hand this over to our secretary.
  2. Each year you have to pay a member fee. For this you are transmitted automatically a transfer form when the secretary has the join in card.
The member fee at Omega is annually fixed and at present it amounts to:
  • First family member: 15,00 euro
  • Other family members, over 16 years: 10,00 euro
  • Youngsters (16 years or less): free
In case you want more information on our club or on orienteering activities in Belgium or you want to be introduced to our sport, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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